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Few Pictures of Pakistan Air Force
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Attack on IAF Base Bagdogra

2 Chiefs 1965 Arjun singh Noor Khan

Destruction of IAF Base Pathankot

TOP SCORER: Sqn Ldr M M Alam, after the war with his Sabre with kill markings of Nine IAF Hunters


Blown up Goods Train By Paf at Gardaspur Rail Yard India



Pakistan Air Force


Sqn. Ldr. S. A. Rafiqui shot down 3 Indian planes (2 Vampires and 1 Hunter) in the war of 1965.

Few Pakistani Pilots 1965

War 1965 Sialkot Sector

Air Marshal Arjan Singh displays to Defence Minister, Sri Y.B. Chavan, the tail portion of Sqn. Ldr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui's F-86 Sabre at the Halwara Air Base.

4 Vampires were shot down on 1st day of war in Kashmir

Ft Lt Shaukat

The Royal Canadian Air Force's Caribou in U.N. Colours at Srinagar airbase, after being destroyed in a PAF Raid


Ft Lt Amjad Khan

"During the war, Vampires Squadron 220 and Squadron 45 were combined. The Vampire squadrons were grounded after a couple of days due to heavy losses suffered in the air.

Picture taken by IAF Raiwind Rail Yard Punjab Pakistan

Ft Lt Cecil Choudhary

UNINVITED VISITOR: Villagers take a look at the Wreckage of a F-86 Sabre shot down by Ack Ack Fire. Shot down near Halwara Air Base. The number visible on the wreck ("248") makes it possible that this is part of Sarfaraz Rafiqui's aircraft (S. No 52-5248)


Pakistani Tanks in Sind Sector

SIKKY's Gnat: Sqn Ldr Brijpal Singh Sikand, of No.23 Gnats Squadron forcelanded his Gnat at Pasrur on September 3rd,

A Group Military Attaches visit a Pakistani Airfield where Sqn Ldr B S Sikand's Gnat is displayed.The Indonesian Military Attache is pointing at the IAF Tail markings.

Indian Oragaun Force landing by PAF

, His aircraft was captured intact by the Pakistanis and testflown extensively much later at Peshawar. the picture on the left shows the Gnat on display besides a PAF Sabre. This aircraft is on display at the Karachi PAF Museum tod

KALAIKUNDA : was one of the costiliest raids suffered by the Indian Air Force. Four Canberras of No.16 Squadron and Four Vampires of No.24 were knocked out on the ground. Pic shows one of the Canberras in its blast pen, shot up and captured on the cameras of a Sabre.

The 23 day conflict in September 1965 represented the zenith for the Pakistan Air Force and could justify claims to be its country's crowning glory. During this war, Sq. Ldr. M. M. Alam set a world record by shooting down five Indian planes in just one battle. By the time war ended, he had downed 9 Indian planes and damaged another 2. PAF pilots proved their performance and excellent flying and fighting skills by bombing Pathankot and Kalaikunda Air Bases, two of the most important and heavily guarded complexes of the Indian Air Force. PAF downed a total of about 65 Indian planes while losing only 19 planes